Screen Recorder

Record your screen to a video file to play back later

+ How To Add This Control To Your Project (Click to Expand)
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of ARC installed.
  2. Select the Get button in this page to download the archive file.
  3. Double click the downloaded archive file to execute installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to ARC.
  5. Load ARC and press the Project -> Add Control button from the menu.
  6. Choose the General category tab.
  7. Press the Screen Recorder icon to add the control to your project.


This control will record your screen to a video file. Use ControlCommand() to start, stop the recording or simply press the buttons. Will record in many different formats as well.

This can be used to generate video snippets for tutorials or demonstrating how to perform certain tasks. Upload the video files to YouTube and share with the community.