Setup - Windows

EZ-Builder is a free Robot Control Software Package for Windows, Android and iOS. The software connects to the EZ-B v4 over a Wi-Fi connection to control your robot. EZ-Builder provides easy-to-use controls for vision tracking, speech recognition, programming, sharing apps, and thousands of other features...

The Microsoft Windows version of the software allows you to load robot apps from other users through our EZ-Cloud, load example robot apps included in the installation, and create your own custom robot apps. Apps that are created with EZ-Builder for Windows can be shared on the EZ-Cloud for others to use.


EZ-Builder for Windows PC can be downloaded for free from the Software section of this website.

System Performance

EZ-Builder was designed to be very efficient and run on lower scale PC's. This does not mean that we recommend low scale PC's, even though the software will run. The recommended CPU is an Intel i5 equivalent with 4GB of RAM and Windows 8. The 3D designer and 3D instruction interface will use video hardware acceleration, if available.

Screen Resolution

The minimum screen resolution for ezbuilder is 1024x768. Ideally, the best resolution for ezbuilder is 1920x1080 or greater.

Microsoft Windows has a feature to configure font sizing, which will affect EZ-Builder's interface. If the font sizing is set larger than recommended (100-125%), the button text will overlap images and wrap. Restore the font size of Windows to the recommended sizing by following these steps...

Step 1

Right-click with the mouse on your desktop to display the properties menu. Select SCREEN RESOLUTION -or DISPLAY SETTINGS (depending on the version of Windows).

Step 2

Locate the option "MAKE TEXT AND OTHER ITEMS SMALLER OR LARGER" and click it with the left mouse button.

Step 3

Slide the trackbar all the way to the LEFT toward SMALLER. This is the default value for Microsoft Windows and will restore software applications to their designed scaling. Now press OK and you will be asked to reboot the computer for the settings to take affect.