Setup - Raspberry Pi

*Note: This is experimental

ARC software can install on Raspberry Pi, and more specifically any operating system supporting MONO (Linux, MacOS, etc). There are a few limitations on the Raspberry Pi version of ARC in comparison to Windows ARC. These limitations are based on the dependencies of certain behavior controls. For example, when a behavior control is created with Microsoft Windows dependencies that do not exist on Raspberry Pi, the control will not work. Some of these controls are Speech Recognition, Joystick, WiiMote, and USB Cameras.

Installation Types

There are two ways the Raspberry Pi can be used with Synthiam. The Pi can either run ARC or the EZBPi Server. This server allows an ARC instance to connect to the Pi and use components and peripherals connected to the Pi.


This image is EZ-Builder Pi running on a Raspberry Pi B . Because the Pi does not have onboard WiFi, there is a USB WiFi dongle connected to the Pi.


View the Software Download page to get the Raspberry Pi ZIP file and follow the installation instructions below.


1) Install the Mono framework on your Raspberry Pi terminal shell, which is pretty easy...

sudo apt install mono-devel

2) Next, unzip and extract the EZ-Builder installation file that you downloaded in your home folder...

unzip ~/

3) Change into the directory of EZ-Builder...

cd ~/EZ-BuilderPi

4) Execute the application with...

mono ./EZ-Builder.exe

Installing Plugins

There are a number of feature limitations on the Rasberry Pi version Vs. Microsoft Windows. These limitations are no Blockly, no WiiMote, no Speech Recognition/Synthesis, and no 3d robot designer. Plugins are supported long as they do not use unsupported libraries.

1) Download your plugin from into the ~/Downloads folder

2) Navigate into the EZ-BuilderPi folder

cd ~/EZ-BuilderPi

3) Since the plugin (.ezplugin) file will be in the ~/Downloads folder, you need to be in the ~/EZ-BuilderPi folder to install it. So you will type the following command to install from the ~/Downloads folder.

mono ./EZ-Builder\ Plugin\ Manager.exe ~/Downloads/plugin_filename.ezplugin

4) You will see a window open that shows the installation debug of the plugin. If there are no errors, you can press any key in the new window to close it. Reload EZ-Builder and the plugin will be there.

If the plugin is not in EZ-Builder Add Controls, you may have not installed it in the correct location, or there was an error. The plugin must be installed while you are in the ~/EZ-BuilderPi folder. AND you _must_ execute EZ-Builder.exe from the ~/EZ-BuilderPi folder as well. This is because the folder you launch the executable from is the folder that contains the configuration settings.

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@DJ_Sures I cannot use the Total Speech Recognition plugin or Aimlbot plugin with this as I get this error for The total speech recognition User-inserted image

and this error for aimlbot User-inserted image
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As stated, not all plugins are compatible with raspberry pi because it’s not a real computer and lacks features able to support those plugins. Please visit the manual at the top of this page to read about the limitations a raspberry pi.
This is not running on a raspberry pi it is running on a linux pc.
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Mono doesn’t support those features either. If you have a pc, use ARC for windows to get the most out of the software and operating system
So what if I use PlayonLinux instead.
For full ARC feature support, use Microsoft Windows.