Synthiam publishes open-source hardware reference designs on GitHub to make your own hardware. Save time and cost of development using our source-available reference designs to make your own products!

The reference designs we have available:

a fully featured WiFi robot controller with streaming audio and video. Features 24 Digital I/O, 8 ADC, 3 I2C, and 3 UART

a LiPo battery to EZ-B v4 wiring harness with fuse protection

gives the EZ-B v4 and EZ-B IoTiny video capabilities

allows a NEO-6M GPS to be mounted at a 90 degree angle

a 3-wire interface and on-board 5V voltage regulator

an I2C display that can create bright and colorful animations with 64 pixels

a miniature version of the EZ-B v4. Features streaming audio and video, 8 digital I/O, 2 ADC, and 1 I2C

takes commands from a single digital pin and controls 8 channels of multiple WS2812b Neopixel RGB LEDs

a single WS2812b Neopixel RGB LED to connect to the Neopixel Blaster

converts a sound signal to an analog voltage in real-time

converts temperature to an analog voltage

converts 3 reflective sensor analog voltages to I2C data

converts humidity and temperature analog voltages into one analog voltage

reads a 0 - 17.5VDC input voltage

a variable supply that can take a 4.1 - 37VDC input voltage and output 1.2 - 37VDC

This system locates the position of a robot in a room and moves it to the desired location. The IPS uses one regular camera and one infrared sensitive camera

a wide angle infrared LED that is used as a beacon for the IPS

a accelerometer/gyroscope combo sensor that pre-processes the data

a sensor that provides SLAM data for robot navigation

gives any robot animated eyes with 18 RGB LEDs

connects from a Roomba's SCI port to an I/O Controller