The preferences menu can be accessed to change how ARC looks and feels. There are several options in this menu, each is documented and explained in further detail by hovering over the question mark next to the respective option.



The proxy menu allows configuring how ARC will interact with a proxy server on the network. If you prefer, the Windows System Proxy settings can be configured, which will override this setting. For educational institutions or large networks, it is easiest to not use this menu and configure the proxy across Windows using the Windows option.

Bit Designer

When designing robots using 3D printable bits, or when viewing the automated instructions to build a robot. These are the colors for the bits and the interface. The two times these colors are used are when building a robot in the Robot Designer, or by viewing Robot Build Instructions.

Window Theme

ARC colors can be adjusted for a specific theme look and feel. The default color scheme is DARK, which is designed to be energy efficient and provide eye strain relief when using ARC for long periods. When ARC is first loaded, you are prompted to select a default scheme. The scheme you have selected can be altered here.


This is an advanced menu for configuring EZB audio settings. These values should not be changed or EZB audio streaming will be affected. If you are unsure of the values, press the Defaults button or change the pre-buffer size to 20000 and packet size to 256.