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Diagnostic Report

How To Add This Control To Your Project

  1. Load the most recent release of EZ-Builder
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar of EZ-Builder
  3. Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar of EZ-Builder
  4. Choose the General category tab
  5. Press the Diagnostic Report icon to add the control to your project

If you have contacted customer support for connectivity issues or warranty claims, you may be asked to submit a diagnostic report. This control will transmit a collection of log files and configuration details to the EZ-Robot server over a secure channel. This will enable EZ-Robot Customer Support to review the log file data to assist with your technical support claim.

How To Submit Report

1) Install the latest version of EZ-Builder from here. It is important that the most recent version of EZ-Builder is installed.

2) Connect to the Internet on your PC. An internet connection will be necessary for the data to be transmitted to the EZ-Robot server.

3) Load EZ-Builder

4) Select the Project tab from the top menu

5) Press Add Control

6) Locate and select the Diagnostic Report control from the menu

7) Agree to the checkbox on the control

8) Press the SEND button and wait for the transmission to complete. A message will popup and notify you when the transmission is successful