ARC provides an event based programming model. Robot skills will execute scripts triggered by events. For example, a script can be executed when the camera detects an object and begins tracking. Or, a script is executed when a button is pressed on a joystick device. Each robot skill will contain various event scripts that are respective to its behavior. ARC provides a few programming languages embedded in the application that are covered here. 

Block Programming

As opposed to text-based programming, block-based programming refers to programming language and IDE that separates executable actions into modular portions called blocks. These blocks are generally represented with icons that can be clicked and dragged to reorder them.

Text-Based Programming

Robot Skill Programming

Custom robot skills can be created by advanced users or companies wanting to add their service/peripheral to ARC. Robot skills are created using any .Net Framework supported language, such as C# or C++. To learn how to create a custom robot skill, view the create robot skill documentation.