+ How To Add This Control To Your Project (Click to Expand)
  1. Load the most recent release of ARC.
  2. Press the Project tab from the top menu bar in ARC.
  3. Press Add Control from the button ribbon bar in ARC.
  4. Choose the Artificial Intelligence category tab.
  5. Press the Pandorabots icon to add the control to your project.
This control will send text that it receives via ControlCommand() to the PandoraBot online server. The PandoraBot online server will respond with a message from the artificial intelligent engine. You may use the default engine provided as an example with the control, or create your own.

Speech Recognition

This control does not include a speech recognition system. You must combine this control with another speech recognition control, such as Bing or Microsoft Speech. Here are some speech recognition controls to use with this system...

Send Phrase via ControlCommand()

Another speech recognition control, or your own script can send phrases to this PandoraBot control via ControlCommand(). For example, if you are using the Bing Speech Recognition Control, you would have that control send the detected phrase to the PandoraBot control using this command...

ControlCommand("PandoraBot", SetPhrase, $BingSpeech)

Requires Internet Connection

This ARC Control requires an internet connection, which means your EZ-B v4 should be in Client Mode and connected to a router. View the EZ-B v4 WiFi Modes Activity to change the mode. The Control will connect to the Pandora Bot A.I. Server which allows you to have a verbal conversation with your robot. This control uses the entire local language dictionary, so a headset or nice microphone is necessary. Also, you will benefit from training the computer for your voice if you have not already done so.

Create a Personality

Visit PandoraBots, and you can setup your own unique A.I. bot. By default, the control is configured with the Synthiam Bot.


If you configure your own bot, you may also include EZ-Script within the bot response. ARC will execute EZ-Script that is located within the [ and ] characters. For example, this response below includes EZ-Script that will be executed...

"Hello, I am a bot. [Servo(d2, 20)]"

Other Options

If you would like to host the AIML configuration locally and not require the PandoraBot service, there is a fantastic plugin that does just that. Check out the AIML Bot Plugin.

*Disclaimer: Synthiam has no assocation with PandoraBots. Synthiam is not responsible for PandoraBots' native functionality, configuration or issues. To learn PandoraBot's configuration, use their FAQ's and Manuals.