Pandorabot tutorial


This tutorial will cover the different uses with a Pandorabot chatbot and EZ-Builder. Pandorabots is a great option for having dynamic speech synthesis conversations with your robot, and you can tie in it's responses with Cheat Sheet commands to control sensors, media files, servos ect, all from the ARC Pandorabot control.

You can customize the Pandorabot with different and new responses, and there is quite a bit of documentation online describing how to use certain functions, such as using the tag for variable response for different user names, and using tags to keep conversations on topic, some of which will be covered in this tutorial.

Step 1. Explaining the EZ-Robot Pandorabot Control.

Below is an explanation of the Pandorabot control option.


User-inserted image

When ticked, this pauses the voice recognition, and stops the control from hearing you.

Configuration Menu Tab:

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Opens the control configuration menu.

Speech Recognition Visualizer:

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Allows you to see a visual representation of your speech volume levels. The volume input wave line is red when control is paused, and green when unpaused.

Text Input Field:

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Talk to your Pandorabot using your keyboard.

Debug Window:

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A text display window that shows speech recognition results, the bots response, confidence levels, and possible control errors.

Below is an explanation of the Pandorabot configuration menu.

Pandorabot Bot ID:

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Input field to add your Pandorabots unique Bot ID.


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Your computers User Name.

Response variable:

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The Pandorabots response variable that can be used in a script.

Response Script:

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Insert a script that will run when the Pandorabot responds.

Speak Response:

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When ticked, the Pandorabots response will be heard using speech synthesis.


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A drop down menu that contains different values for adjusting the ability of the computer to better understand what is being said by the user.

Show Unconfident Recognition:

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When ticked, any unconfident speech recognition phrases spoken by a user, will be displayed in the debug window.

Use EZ-B Speaker

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When unticked, the Pandorabots verbal response will be heard through the computers speakers. When ticked, the response will be heard through the EZ-B v4's speaker.

Save and Cancel:

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"Save" will save any recent setting changes made, and "Cancel" will cancel any recent changes made. Both options will close the configuration menu.


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