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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Is Pandorabot Still Running

Just was wondering , is anyone else using the Pandorabot ? Seems recently that when I try to use it, the Pandora replies that its unable to process request, please cntact pandora for support. I have use it with the Bing Speach before just fine, bit seens to have stopped suddently. Do not know its related to any updates recently also. Or has Pandora really been replaced by something else everyone has been usuing?
Thanks guys:) for your time.

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I’m guessing you mean their legacy Pandora bot? (Not aiml2)

It goes up and down often - not sure. Maybe they finally took it down. Although the webpage for legacy still shows. But it does still say it’s going to be expired in 2019... maybe they finally got around to it. Or maybe they’re merely doing maintenance. 

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Thanks DJ, that sound like it may be it. Now this AimL2 ?How different is this?
Dang, this is a shame. It was the best chatbot on here. Pandorabots 2.0 is pay only and quite expensive at that. Botlibre may be your next best bet but it is pretty weak.
Aimlbot is essentially Pandorabot - like almost identical code base. and it’s local
So, Just that I understand, AimLbor is local... but you have to type into it to create preprogrammed responses? createing a database? where as AimLbot 2 is used via the internet?( and now have to pay to use?)

I have liked using the Bing Speech with Pandora. Its very slow to respond but is still fun to use. I will look inot this newer stuff, hopefully will be justa s good.
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Aiml Bot is local on your computer

Go to the AIML Bot control
Open the config file on top right
Then open the open Config Folder
You will see all the XML files there
Under AIML folder:
There are all the files, I just edited or created another XML file to make it answer more precisely different info I wanted it to answer, like name, location etc

I also use the config folder there to add other files

Here is an video I did in the past https://youtu.be/8ahAo274Kag

mouth was a litter off, I fix that

I like using the AudioBox plugin to changes the voices 

User-inserted image

The script add - ControlCommand("AudioToolbox Plugin", "ImportUWPVoices")

Hope this helps
Seems to be running fine now... they must have been doing some maintenance...

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cool. I will check it out again soon.
I can confirm this is working again. Awesome!
#10   — Edited
PandoraBot works here also
but I still like AIML bot better, I can customize the responses
One of the things I like most about the Pandorabots website is that it makes it easy to add, edit, or change your responses.
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