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do I have to do it with the  azure Microsoft thing. i don't want to provide credit card information for it just to confirm identity.
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Use the bing speech recognition module as recommended in the pandoraBot manual that i linked to you above. Here is it again: https://synthiam.com/Products/Controls/Artificial-Intelligence/PandoraBots-16070

There's a recommended speech recognition system to use in the manual. And, the bing speech recognition manual has it's own manual which explains how to do what your'e wanting to do. The manuals will help. It'll be easier to read the manuals and tutorials because not many people will repeat what's already documented in a thread response:)
Is there a way to do this for [u]FREE?


Why are you thinking this cost money?
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Advanced Bing Speech Recognician .

Funny story. NOT. I created a pay account for use at CES for Alan and Alena. Just In case there was a daily/monthly limit with the above plug in. At home I was doing some testing and left the computer on in the garage....with the plug in active. My kids went into the garage to play and everytime they spoke to each other it sent up data...cut to, the monthly cycle and I had a $400 bill! Lesson learned.
The Bing Speech Recognition control does not require a credit card. FinnBoi, please follow the tutorials and read the manual. There's no credit card required for using bing speech recognition.
it needs a credit card for identity verification
Free, open

look at the site I put on