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IBM Watson Services

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//Work in progress
Version 7 (2018-04-03)
======= ===========
Fix: Quotes (") in Watson Assistant text responses are replaced with (')

Version 6 (2018-04-03)
======= ===========
Added Support for Assistant (formerly known as Conversation) API.
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Configured with Car Demo (Workspace)

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Manual Input control, Dialog Output, Variable results

Example: Sending a message to the Assistant API:


ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", Message, "turn on the lights")

Added Take Photo feature
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Added an optional negative file parameter:


ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", CreateClassifier, "PlayingCards", "$Classes", "$ZipFiles", "C:\Users\ptp\Pictures\My Robot Pictures\")

Version 5 (2018-03-23)
======= ===========
Added Support for Visual Recognition Custom Classifiers.

Version 4 (2018-03-22)
======= ===========
Fixed: Memory leak
Added: WatsonVRCaptureId variable to the Visual Recognition

Version 3 (2018-03-19)
======= ===========
Added Watson Vision Recognition service

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EZ-Script example to classify a video frame (Picture)


ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", VisualRecognition)

Variable Results (Ordered by Highest score)
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Version 2 (2018-02-19)
======= ===========
Added Watson Text To Speech service

Configuration: Text To Speech
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EZ-Script examples:


#using default(configuration) voice, desktop output
ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", SayWait, "the lazy dog jumped over the quick brown fox")

#using voice "de-DE_DieterVoice", desktop output
ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", SayWait, "Watson plugin sagt Hallo! mit Dieter deutscher männlicher Stimme.", "de-DE_DieterVoice")

#using voice "fr-FR_ReneeVoice", ezb port 0 output
#Note: First argument is the EZB Port
ControlCommand("IBM Watson Services", SayEZBWait, 0, "Watson plugin dit bonjour! en utilisant la voix féminine française de Renee.", "fr-FR_ReneeVoice")

Note: When the configuration is called, the plugin logs the existent models and voices.
You can use this information to pick up a specific voice name to be used in EZ-Script ControlCommand.
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Sample voice clips:
French Female:

Italian Female:

German Female:

German Male:

Version 1 (2018-02-18)
======= ===========
Added Watson Speech To Text service

Configuration: first time
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Configuration: Adding credential details (Watson SpeechToText service)
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Configuration: Selecting the Speech Model and activating the SpeechToText
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Configuration: Default Watson before services script (Capture Script):
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Configuration: Default Watson after services script (Phrase Script):
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Listening: Checking Audio Levels
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Green Line = Start Threshold level
Red Line = Stop Threshold level
Background: Light red = silence mode, Light Green = speech mode

Service Request Log:
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SpeechToTest active:
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Documentation: Work in progress.