Camera Click Servo

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How To Download and Use This Control

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of EZ-Builder installed.
  2. Select the Install button below to download the file.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to open installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to EZ-Builder.

Add this plugin to your EZ-Builder project and bring the camera to life. The video will be interactive, where you can click on objects to center. There are hot spots along the edges which moves the camera as well.

Connect servos to your camera so it can pan. Configure the servos in this control. Attach this control to an existing camera in your project.

Now when you click on the screen in the video image, the servos will move the camera to that location.

This is a great add-on plugin for JD and Roli, right out of the box. Specify the servos for the robot's camera and voila, you're clicking around the room!

Multi Camera Support

Use the ControlCommand() syntax presented in the Cheat Sheet to attach this control to your desired camera, if your project has more than one camera. Otherwise, pressing Attach without specifying the camera name will attach to the first instance.

Source Code:


- v4 fixes the Edge Size not displaying in the drop down when editing the settings.

- v5 add ControlCommand() to attach to any camera

- v6 uses new servo storage container in Config File for plugin

- v7 compatibility with latest EZ-Builder (version 2019.01.04 or later)

This will be fixed in the next update of EZ-Builder. Stay tuned!
Thank you DJ

It is working now.

Is the source code for the control also updated or was the change inside of EZ-Builder itself?
Thanks DJ this looks awesome,more camera fun!
Thanks for the technology you share