PWM Servo Feedback (ADC)

How To Add This Control To Your Project

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of EZ-Builder installed.
  2. Select the Install button below to download the archive file.
  3. Double click the downloaded archive file to execute installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to EZ-Builder.
  5. Load EZ-Builder and press the Project -> Add Control button from the menu.
  6. Choose the Servo category tab.
  7. Press the PWM Servo Feedback (ADC) icon to add the control to your project.

This control will allow hobby pwm servos to have positional feedback in EZ-Builder with a slight modification requiring a wire, soldering iron and Philips screw driver. This uses the ADC port on the EZ-B (v4, Arduino, etc.)

Thanks. This opens up all sorts of better building and money savings.