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I'm trying to use LEAP Montion on ARC but I'm still not successful
ARC does not have a plugin for Leap Motion are you developing a plugin ? Can you be more specific regarding the problem you are facing ?


I think it would be perfect to combine it with kinect?
The Kinect requires a good 6 to 10 feet of space between the user and it and leap motion requires a hand on top of the sensor do you think they can fit together ?
#2   — Edited
Well, I was wrong when I wanted to combine the leap with motivation and effort a few days I discovered that it was useless. In addition to plugins, I am also not familiar with creating such an animated interface in ARC and I will probably take some time to research and create it. Thanks for the answer


Well, I was wrong when I wanted to combine the leap with
 I'm not saying leap is not worth a shot... leap is a table device and kinect is room device. Hand versus Body tracking.


In addition to plugins, I am also not familiar with creating
To ARC requires a plugin to interact with a hardware device. To develop a plugin you need the hardware, motivation and the skills to develop a plugin. 


creating such an animated interface in ARC
If you have the hardware and some development skills (Visual Studio / c#) you should try. I believe the graphic interface (i.e. hand) you see in the video is a leap user tool. An ARC skill plugin does not require animated/graphics design, but, it's important to have a good knowledge how the hardware i.e. leap works, existent APIs and an idea how to export the device features to the ARC.
Does the leap motion have a joystick mode? Where it can emulate an analog joystick?

if so, use the joystick skill control in ARC.
Yes, of course the leap montion can be used for joysticks, every simulation of the arm and hand is done with the deap montion.
Thanks for your great suggestions!