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Mobile EZB And USB Connection

Is it possible for EZB-mobile have support for USB connection? 
My robot has an embedded pc with USB connection at the moment, but I would rather use something smaller if possible. 

I had problems, in the past, with WiFi dropping connection or struggle to gain connection in large crowds.
I settled with an embedded computer for the last 1-2 years.

The robot is often out with large crowds so safety / dropping connections is the biggest concern. 

Thank you for your input,

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this is a good question for Jeremie. I’ll tell him to check the thread

12V automotive relays are definitely a robust option for switching 12V but personally I tend to stay away from relays. Relays are mechanical and do have a limited life. Automotive relays are definitely better as I have yet to have an automotive relay fail in any of my vehicles but I like to use MOSFETs instead. MOSFETs also don't have the electrical "ringing" effect of switch contacts and are audibly silent. There are a few caveats to using MOSFETs but there's tons of information online to sow you how to use them effectively. You can also purchase boards with the supporting circuitry already added. 

Here's an example from Amazon

Due note that MOSFETs do generate a lot of heat with high current loads so sometimes extra heat sinking is required.
Hi guys,

I finally received my mosfet switches for my connection failsafe. 

I am having a hard time finding the setting for using D24 to monitor the connection. 

Can anyone help me locate this in the ezb configuration?

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The setting enabling the D23 connection monitoring is in the ezb web server.... Make sure you update your ezb4 x/2 to the latest firmware first...
Richard is absolutely correct, with up-to-date firmware on the EZ-Bv4.1/2, that option is in the Webserver settings under "Advanced Settings" in the "Network services" section. It's called port D23 connection status.
Hi guys,

Quick update, the problem was firmware. 
I got the board updated and everything worked accordingly. 
Great feature to have:) 

Thank you,