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Asked — Edited

QR Code With Blockly

Using Blockly I can't find a "Wait for QR Code" block similar to the one present for glyphs.

User-inserted image

I was able to find the function through javascript to get the wait for a new QR code but from Blockly I can't find the block. can you help me?

Is glyph recognition much better than QRCode? Can additional glyphs be added?


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#1   — Edited
Thanks for the answer and the links but I wanted to understand how:

Add "wait for QR code" to Blockly
Increase the number of legible glyphs

Anyway I modified the ARC Blockly to have the block that was missing, now it seems to work

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
#3   — Edited
Up above, I showed how to "wait" in Blockly - when you look at the java tab, you get  -   Audio.sayWait(("I am reading " + CameraQRCode));  or  Audio.sayEZBWait(("I am reading " + CameraQRCode));

I see under the camera control "Wait For Glyph", but I don't see "Wait For QRCode", where did you get that?

Great, so you got it working? 

Yes, It works, sometimes the reading gets stuck but I think it's a QR problem.
I have seen that with glyphs it works much better, besides the 4 where can I generate others?
#5   — Edited
Yes I had already seen your links! but QR codes don't work via App and reading the glyph is faster

#7   — Edited
ok, if that is what you want to do.

I simply use this code and it works:

User-inserted image

or you can use SayEZB(wait)  in the blocky program for your robot to speak

But is you want to use the 4 glyphs, that is fine, that is up to you my friend,

Have a good day,