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How To Download and Use This Control

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of EZ-Builder installed.
  2. Select the Install button below to download the file.
  3. Double click the downloaded file to open installer.
  4. The installer will add this control to EZ-Builder.

A plugin to allow people to give instructions to users in the EZ-Builder software.

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March 19 - Huge Update
New Features
- You are now able to format text
- Here is the current ways to format the text:
> Indent
> Outdent
> Font: Bold
> Font: Italic
> Font: Underline
> Font: Size
> Align: Center
> Align: Left
> Align: Right
> Lists: Unordered
> Commands: Cut
> Commands: Copy
> Commands: Paste
- Images can be added alongside text (directly in the textbox)
- Image shown on the left was retained, but renamed "Spotlight Image"

To accommodate these new features I had to change the format slides were saved in, though I added redundancies to load older versions there could be some errors.

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Bugs Fixed
- Fixed the CommandControl for editing slides
- Minor performance improvements
V8 (Same day update)
- Fixed a bug created with the backwards compatibility creating new slides if there was not 50 chars of text in a single slide.

March 17
- Web urls will now open in an external browser.
- Resizing the frames now saves.

March 1
- Add the ability to reorder slides
- Added pretty icons for editing and reordering slides
- The scrollbar no longer stays on the slide as you move from one slide to another

Feb 29
- Updating slide text now reflects on the "Edit Slides" without having to open and close the form.
- Added redundancies in case a slide is not found (it will load the first slide)
- Made it so you can no longer remove the first slide

Feb 28
- Added backgroundworker for loading images to improve performance and adhere to plugin standards.

Current Features:
-Custom Slides Text and Pictures saved to .ezb projects (instructions are saved for each project)
- Automatic resizing of images to reduce project file size. This can be customized via the options.
- CommandControls for updating and navigating slides.


# Next Slide 
# Example
ControlCommand("Tutorial", NextSlide)

# Previous Slide
# Example
ControlCommand("Tutorial", PrevSlide)

# Set to a specific slide
# Control: ControlCommand("Tutorial", Slide, [Slide Number])
# Replace [Slide Number] with the slide number to show.
# Example
ControlCommand("Tutorial", Slide, "1")

# Update Slide
# ControlCommand("Tutorial", UpdateSlide, [Slide Number], [Text], [Image Path])
# Replace [Slide Number] with the slide number to edit.
# Replace [Text] with the text to add to the slide
# Replace [Image] with the path to the image you want to show.
ControlCommand("Tutorial", UpdateSlide, "1", "To be added!", "D:\Google Drive\images\need.jpg")

Known Issues/Future Improvements:
- Currently, you can only remove the latest slide.

This plugin was originally created for the classroom by giving instructions to students on the projects they download.

I am very new to C#, but I have include the source code:
Github Tutorial

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User-inserted image

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