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Robot builder. A.I. programmer and speaker. Author. Father of one girl, and many, many robots! and 1. Founder and current president of the Riverside Robotics Society. The RRS is a club with over 500 online members and over 50 local members offering classes, contests, and lectures in robotics. 2. Founder of the Riverside Robot Expo Event 3. Riverside Robot Expo event coordinator for six years 4. Writer for the number one robotics magazine Servo Magazine 5. Member and past club officer of the Robotics Society of Southern California 6. Member of the Tech Room robotics club in San Bernardino 7. Robotics teacher and lecturer for over 9 years (private lessons) 8. Founder of, a web site and eBay store 9. Creator of the life-like humanoid robot, an “Alexa” avatar, called Robot Betty9 10. Ex-employee of Nolan Bushnell’s Androbot robotics company 11. Provider of animatronic software and hardware for the film industry 12. A.I. lecture for Claremont Lincoln University, Claremont, CA 13. CEO Space graduate 14. Programmer for American Honda 15. A.I. “chatbot” programmer 16. Alexa (Amazon Echo) programmer 17. 5000 Facebook followers and friends, Thomas (AKA “Riv Artoo”) 18. Founder of the California Institute of Robotics, an institution offering seminars and lectures in robotics and artificial intelligence. Past speaking engagements include: Claremont Lincoln University, Riverside Robotics Society, Robotics Society of Southern California, Riverside Robot Expo, OC Mini Maker Faire, Star Wars Reads Day, and the Boy Scouts of America.


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  • 2014-10-09 - Connected ARC to cloud
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  • 2018-03-28 - Used Bing Speech Recognition
  • 2018-03-28 - Used Cognitive Text Sentiment Service
  • 2018-03-28 - Used Cognitive Face Service
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  • 2018-03-30 - Used Cognitive Emotion Service

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Is There Any Way To Detect If The Bing Speech Recognition Is "Paused"?

Is there any way to detect if the Bing Speech Recognition is "paused" or not? Alexa lights up LEDs when she is "listening". I wanted to write a script to light an LED that tells me when Bing is listening--the pause button is off, but I see no variables available for Bing's "Pause" feature.

Is The Latest ARC Version Compatible With Windows 8.1?

Does it run and has it been tested on Windows 8.1?

Run Servo From Aimlbot?

Is it possible to run a servo or call a script directly from AIML (within AIMLBOT)? Or do I have to intercept all text with an ARC script?
"This ARC Build Has Expired" Error

"This ARC Build Has Expired" Error

Hello,  Today for the first time ever I got an "This ARC build has expired" error and ARC will not launch. I don't want to upgrade. Why is ARC expiring?...

Is It Possible To Connect The EZ-B Directly To The PC Or Is Wi-Fi Required?

Is it possible to connect the EZ-B directly to the PC or is wi-fi required? Since laptops and single board computers have gotten both more powereful and cheaper, I want to use a separate Windows machine for each of my EZ-B robots. It would make my life so much easier if there existed a way to go from the laptop to the EZ-B, bypassing the wi-fi...
Darknet / Yolo Real-Time Object Detection

Darknet / Yolo Real-Time Object Detection

DJ and Team, Have you seen the TensorFlow / Darknet / YOLO Real-time Object Detection videos? A friend of mine has implemented it on his...

ARC Like Noah's Ark?

1. How do you pronounce your ARC? Or A. R. C.? Or something else?  2. Where did the name Synthiam come from and why the change?

Hard Drive Access?

Is there any way to read or write to a hard drive within the EZ-Builder? I wrote a MS Kinect software application that writes Kinect date to text files and updates them in real time. (I call it the "painless data exchange protocol.") It would be really great if I could get Kinect data into EZ-Builder. If not directly, does EZ builder have the...
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feature request

Voice Print Skill That Would Identify Users By Voice.

Would like a skill that could do a "voice print" and identify someone by their voice alone. Example: a user says, "robot, it's me" and the robot analyzes the speech and identifies the person. It will help my robot by deciding who it should listen to and knowing who I am when I am talking. This would be a great feature.
feature request

Request The Option To Reject ARC Updates

Please stop forcing me to update ARC. Updating on your schedule upsets everything I am doing. I give robotics lectures, sometimes several times a month. Before a lecture, I have no time to download and update and God forbid, fix my ARC code that breaks because of your updates. Yes, it has happened to me before.  You and your team give lectures and...
feature request

Aimlbot With AIML 2.X

Any chance of an AIML 2.x skill? AIML 1.x is not officially supported anymore by AIML 2.x is a much richer language.  Thomas
feature request
Option To Reject Or Postpone Updates

Option To Reject Or Postpone Updates

Hello, I am now using ARC for the control of a system that will eventually be sold. More specifically, I am building a robot that will ship with an...
feature request

Tensorflow - YOLO Or Similar For Object Classification And Recognition

While ARC's object recognition is good, Tensorflow's is better. It's better because it is pretrained with a large library (200?) of common objects. Pre-trained object classification software saves one the work of feeding the camera 5000 photos of dogs or 2000 photos of cups or 9000 photos of people, etc. Would ARC work with 2000 photos of a dog? I...