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Connect To A Secure MQTT Broker

Hi everyone,
I have a MQTT cloud service, deployed on Amazon Web Service. It has secret credentials like username, password & client Id. My question is: on EZ-robot MQTT client, how to connect to a secure MQTT Broker using username, password & client Id? Also how to configure the qos (quality of service)? How to configure these credentials on EZ-robot MQTT client? I just can set the URL or IP address of my broker, but I can't find where to set the username, password, client Id & qos.
Thanks in advance.

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I’ll take a look and see if the library supports it
#2   — Edited
Thanks for your support DJ Sures, I'm waiting for this solution. I just found on the EZMQTT Client's docs that available configurations are: Broker Hostname/IP, Connected Variable, Subscription Name (topic), Variable Name, Is Binary Array Checkbox & Script.