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Ezb 4 Controller Connection

To whom it may concern I would like to know why do my ezb 4 restart when I'm testing my smart servos? I have smart digital servos and Dymanixel servos, but it's the regular digital servos I'm testing 1st. My Dymanixel servos are connected to a 3pin hub which is on port 5 and 6 hooked up. The digital servos are plugged in the ezb 4 thank you, Mike.
Plugin And Connection

Plugin And Connection

To the ezb family I'm having issues on the bioloid premium robot dynamixel controller plugin and wi-fi connection. I have both ezb controllers the tiny and the 4 the 1st...

Printing A Head

To whom it may concern I would like to know if I sketch out my design of my own robots head how can I get it to print?

Ezb4 With The Io Tiny

To whom it may concern I would like to know can I use the io tiny or the ezb4 controller to communicate with the another controller?

3D Head

To my robots people I would to make a JD head a bit larger than its original what can I do.....

Ezb4 Controller

Which power supply portable or ac adapter that I can use for the ezb4 controller? MC....

Ezb 4 Controller Help

To tech support the ezb4 controller voice is not on only I see a blinking light what can I do?

Robot Head

To it may it may concern I would like to design a head for my robot so if I did that and send it to you can you print it out. Please let me know Mike.
Ez4 Controller

Ez4 Controller

To whom it may concern if I purchase the head of JD with the camera to use on another platform do I need to but the EZB Controller in order for it to work?

Your Kit

To whom it may concern I would like to say that my school has robotic kits from another company and did not hear of your company. I stumbled upon the Internet and found your web site, and were impressed so I told my professor because I'm a future robotic student and I would like to know would your kit or senses work with my schools kit instead of...
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