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3. Vision

Let's choose your robot's vision system!

Robots with cameras provide navigation, tracking, and interactive benefits. Synthiam ARC's software is committed to making robot programming easy, and this includes computer vision tracking. The ARC software includes a camera device robot skill that connects to a WiFi or USB camera or video capture device. Built into ARC's camera device skills are tracking types for objects, colors, motions, glyphs, faces, and more. You can add additional tracking types and computer vision modules from the skill store.

  1. Add the ARC Camera Device Skill for any camera type. Please read the manual of the camera device skill to learn how to use it. You can easily use this skill to have the robot track an object with servos or move the robot's wheels, etc.

  2. Once the camera device skill has been mastered, view additional computer vision-related skills such as Camera Overlay, Camera Snapshot, Cognitive Vision, Augmented Reality, Programming with Pictures, or click here to see more.

View All Camera Robot Skills

Choose the Camera Type

Wired USB Camera
Connects directly to a computer with a USB cable. You can only use this type of camera in an embedded computer configuration. This is because the USB cable will tether the camera to the PC. You can use any USB camera in ARC. Some advantages of using USB cameras are high resolution and increased framerate.

Wireless Camera
Connects wirelessly to a PC/SBC over a WiFi connection. Generally, this approach is only used in remote computer configurations. Not many I/O controllers support a WiFi wireless camera transmission due to latency causing low resolution and potentially unreliable radio interference. For a wireless camera application, the most popular I/O controllers are the EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 and IoTiny.