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Indoor Positioning System

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The indoor positioning system is a combination of IR transmitter and IR dual camera receiver. The IR transmitter is mounted on your robot, and the IR dual camera receiver is placed in a corner of the room. You can mount the camera on a tripod so it can see the room with the 100 degree wide angle lens.

There are three variables created that return the current status of the IPS navigation and heading degrees of the robot. These variables in EZ-Script can be used to identify when the robot is navigating and what direction it is moving.


Hi Dj, I am happy to see you again present this IPS. I was wondering if or when this hardware may become available? I know your LIDAR device had manufacturing/supplier issues but this IPS will meet my needs. 
Looks like it'll be on the EZ-Robot website for purchase end of March 2019. It's being manufacturered as i write this.