Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops are the virtual workspaces for EZ-Builder. This gives you three virtual desktops to display your controls across. Allowing you to organize your project in a convenient manner. We will guide you through an example project showing each feature of Virtual Desktops.

What You Will Need

  • A PC with latest EZ-Builder Installed

Step 1

Load the JD example project.

Step 2

Navigate to the window tab

Step 3

These are your 3 virtual desktops. To switch between desktops you can click on the icons or use the shortcut keys in brackets. Notice the icon is a screen shot of each desktop making it easy to determine which desktop is the one you want.

Step 4

Click on the second desktop.

Step 5

You can see that in this example we already have the mobile interface control in this desktop.

Step 6

To move a control from one desktop to another, right click on the control title bar and select a desktop from the menu. In this example lets move the Mobile Interface Control to Desktop 3.

Step 7

Navigate to Desktop 3 to see that the Mobile Interface Control is now located there.

Step 8

Keep in mind that all EZ-Builder controls work the same way as the Mobile Interface Control that we used in this example.


You are now ready to organize your projects! Advance to the next lesson - you are almost ready to be a EZ-Builder master!