Help For Controls

Every control has a question mark next to the close X button. Pressing the question mark button will direct you to a manual page for the respective control.

EZ-Builder Manual

This section of the website covers the controls within the EZ-Builder Software. Within the software, you may press the question mark (?) to access information and help about that control. The list of controls on the side menu of this page matches the categories and controls within the software.

Tutorials & Lessons

Have you visited our LEARN section yet? The LEARN section can be accessed by the top menu of this website, by pressing the LEARN menu item. Also, when you load EZ-Builder you will be prompted to access tutorials. Additionally, the Bookmarks window of EZ-Builder will provide a quick link to this section, as well as the LEARN main lesson section.

There is an Activity Course in the Lesson section. In this course, there is a Programming Introduction sub-course which explains EZ-Builder Controls, EZ-Script and how to access example projects. It is highly recommended that these lessons be followed before attempting to begin programming by clicking here.

The LEARN section will give you an in-depth overview of how to navigate the EZ-Builder menu system to access controls. The list of available controls are presented in this section that you are currently viewing. Use the search function of your web browser to find the control that you are looking for (Ctrl-F).