Reset ARC User Registry

This process will clear all information about the current ARC user. The next time ARC is loaded, you will be prompted to log in with a new user account.

When Is This Necessary?

If an ARC Pro user has been changed or uses a different account, the ARC Pro may not load. This is because the currently logged-in user account does not have a subscription to load ARC Pro. The solution is to remove the existing user credential and reset ARC to default values. The next time ARC is loaded, it will prompt the user.


  1. Close ARC
  2. Download the "Reset ARC Registry For Current" file
  3. Navigate to your downloads folder and extract the contents of the file
  4. Double-click on the REG file that was extracted from the ZIP file
  5. Follow the prompts to execute the registry changes
  6. You may launch ARC and be prompted for new user credentials.

Reset ARC Registry For Current