Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops are the virtual workspaces for ARC. This gives you three virtual desktops to display your robot skill controls across. Allowing you to organize your project in a convenient manner. We will guide you through an example project showing each feature of Virtual Desktops.

What You Will Need

  • A PC with latest ARC Installed

Step 1

Load the JD example project.

Step 2

Navigate to the window tab

Step 3

These are your 3 virtual desktops. To switch between desktops you can click on the icons or use the shortcut keys in brackets. Notice the icon is a screen shot of each desktop making it easy to determine which desktop is the one you want.

Step 4

Click on the second desktop.

Step 5

You can see that in this example we already have the mobile interface control in this desktop.

Step 6

To move a control from one desktop to another, right click on the control title bar and select a desktop from the menu. In this example lets move the Mobile Interface Control to Desktop 3.

Step 7

Navigate to Desktop 3 to see that the Mobile Interface Control is now located there.

Step 8

Keep in mind that all ARC controls work the same way as the Mobile Interface Control that we used in this example.


You are now ready to organize your projects! Advance to the next lesson - you are almost ready to be a ARC master!