Supported Hardware Products


DIY and Makers use microcontrollers to build custom robots. Does your robot require a camera for machine vision to track objects, recognize faces, or detect emotion? Maybe your robot needs to speak or play music with streaming audio? Or, your robot might simply need to only move servos. Based on your robot's requirements, select a supported microcontroller from the list and build a custom robot.

  Connection Servos Camera Audio
Adafruit 16 Servo Shield Adafruit 16 Servo Shield USB 16 Learn More
Arduino Genuino Uno Arduino Genuino Uno USB 12 Learn More
Arduino Mega Arduino Mega USB 48 Learn More
BBC Micro:bit BBC Micro:bit USB Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny Wi-Fi / USB 8 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B v3 EZ-Robot EZ-B v3 Bluetooth 24 Learn More
EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 EZ-Robot EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi yes yes Learn More
Robotis OpenCM 9.04 Robotis OpenCM 9.04 USB 200 Learn More
Robotis OpenCR Robotis OpenCR USB 200 Learn More

Robot Products

Synthiam's EZ-Builder supports many robot products right out of their box. You might already have one of these robots kick'n around at home. Select your product from the list below and program it with new exciting features.

  Connection Servos Camera Audio
AR Parrot Drone AR Parrot Drone Wi-Fi yes Learn More
EZ-Robot AdventureBot EZ-Robot AdventureBot Wi-Fi / USB 2 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot JD Humanoid EZ-Robot JD Humanoid Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot Roli Rover EZ-Robot Roli Rover Wi-Fi / USB 10 yes yes Learn More
EZ-Robot Six Hexapod EZ-Robot Six Hexapod Wi-Fi / USB 16 yes yes Learn More
iRobot Roomba iRobot Roomba Controller Dependant Learn More
Robotis Darwin Mini Robotis Darwin Mini USB / Bluetooth 16 Learn More
SainSmart Balance Robot SainSmart Balance Robot USB Learn More
Sphero Sphero Bluetooth Learn More