Compatible EZB Hardware

There's many microcontroller and developer kits available in the market. Synthiam has developed a variety of EZB firmwares that install on these devices to make them compatible with the ARC Robot Software. When a microcontroller or robot product is connected to ARC, it is referred to as an EZB. An EZB is any robot computer or microcontroller that accepts connections from Synthiam's ARC software to control servos, sensors, and more.

Compatible EZB Hardware List

  Connection Servos Camera Audio
AdventureBot AdventureBot Wi-Fi / USB 2 yes yes Learn More
AR Parrot Drone AR Parrot Drone Wi-Fi yes Learn More
Arduino Due/Mega Arduino Due/Mega USB 48 Learn More
Arduino Genuino Uno Arduino Genuino Uno USB 12 Learn More
Arduino Leonardo Arduino Leonardo USB 12 Learn More
Atomic Pi Atomic Pi Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More
Balance Robot Balance Robot USB Learn More
Bioloid Bioloid USB 200 Learn More
Darwin Mini Darwin Mini USB / Bluetooth 16 Learn More
ESP32 Cam ESP32 Cam Wi-Fi 10 yes Learn More
Esp32 DevKit v1 Esp32 DevKit v1 Wi-Fi 25 Learn More
EZ-B IoTiny EZ-B IoTiny Wi-Fi / USB 8 yes yes Learn More
EZ-B v3 EZ-B v3 Bluetooth 24 Learn More
EZ-B v4 EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
EZ-InMoov Robot Head EZ-InMoov Robot Head Wi-Fi 8 yes yes Learn More
JD Humanoid JD Humanoid Wi-Fi / USB 24 yes yes Learn More
LattePanda LattePanda Wi-Fi / USB 12 yes yes Learn More
Micro:bit Micro:bit USB Learn More
OpenCM 9.04 OpenCM 9.04 USB 200 Learn More
OpenCR OpenCR USB 200 Learn More
PCA9685 Servo Controller PCA9685 Servo Controller USB 16 Learn More
Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi yes yes Learn More
Rock Pi X Rock Pi X Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More
Roli Rover Roli Rover Wi-Fi / USB 10 yes yes Learn More
Roomba Roomba Controller Dependant Learn More
Shell-e Shell-e Wi-Fi 24 yes yes Learn More
Six Hexapod Six Hexapod Wi-Fi / USB 16 yes yes Learn More
Sphero Sphero Bluetooth Learn More
Telepresence Robot Telepresence Robot Wi-Fi 1 yes yes Learn More
Tello Drone Tello Drone Wi-Fi yes Learn More
TurtleBot 3 TurtleBot 3 Wi-Fi / USB 200 yes yes Learn More
Up Board Up Board Wi-Fi / USB yes yes Learn More

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