Ohmnilabs Telepresence Robot

Ohmnilabs Telepresence Robot

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Telepresence made easy. The Ohmni telepresence robot lets you be anywhere in the world in just one click.

The new Ohmni Supercam contains the highest resolution camera available in a telepresence robot. A 13MP camera plus the Ohmni low-latency encoding system gives you an immersive, ultra-wide field of view without sacrificing visual detail.

Designed and built with 3D printers in Silicon Valley, CA!

Synthiam created a firmware for this fantastic Ohmnilab telepresence robot that allows connection from synthiam’s EZ-Builder. All features of the software are enabled, including speech recognition, vision tracking, machine learning, and more :)

Nice demonstration, to bad Ohmni Supercam is roughly $2200.00