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Give robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by combining artificial intelligence with human operators.

Connect a Robot to Exosphere

All robots are compatible with Exosphere to achieve autonomous navigation. Combining the ARC robot software with the Exosphere behavior control allows any robot to connect. The service is also available to ROS and other robot software platforms. The dynamic capability of Exosphere allows any robot locomotion style including humanoids and drones. Custom user interfaces may also be generated that ensures successful remote operation.

Supported Robot Products

How Do I Connect My Robot?

Robots learn from example. Built to help us perform mundane or dangerous tasks. But, to do their job right, they need to be taught. Exosphere was developed to give all robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks. The Exosphere service is available to all software platforms to work together and exceed the target that science fiction has set for us.


  1. Download and install ARC Robot Software.

  2. Add a movement panel and camera control in your robot project.

  3. Install the Exosphere Behavior Control to the project.

  4. Enter a task description and press submit.

  5. Watch your robot autonomusly perform the task!


Contact us for information to integrate ROS robots with Exosphere

Exosphere Behavior Control Guide

If using ARC, the Exosphere Behavior Control is added to make any robot compatible. The control has user options to configure behavior and notify you of who (or what) is controlling your robot.

Download Download Exosphere ARC behavior control for Exosphere