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Give robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by combining artificial intelligence with human operators.

How Does Exosphere Work?

Step 1 - connect a robot
1. Connect your robot to Exosphere with the Exosphere Robot Skill.
Step 2 - instruct robot to do something
2. A robot is instructed to execute a task.
Step 3 - submit a task
3. The task is submitted to Exosphere as a contract request.
Step 4 - bid to do the task
4. AI/ML and humans provide a confidence bid to win the contract.
Step 5 - human remote controls robot
5. If AI/ML can’t control the robot to successfully perform a task, another contract is issued to a human operator to take over or assist the robot. In turn, training the global AI knowledge base for future task requests.

Exosphere Philosphy

Watch DJ Sures, founder, and CEO of Synthiam, introduce Exosphere from highlights of the community live Q&A session.

Bidding Process

The bidding process determines who will control the robot between human operators and AI systems. As Exosphere continues to train ML systems for AI usage, human operators will be more likely to win confidence bids and control robots. As the ML usage data grows, AI companies will increase their ability to complete tasks autonomously, without human intervention. However, human operators will always be available to take over if the robot needs assistance.

Process of exosphere

Why Do Robots Need Exosphere?

Exosphere controls as much or little as necessary to help robot companies achieve their goals. Companies work very hard to program robot products. However, there are many edge cases where robot programming is unable to prove successful. The real-world is unpredictable. Exosphere utilizes the World's most powerful computer... the human mind. All while training the artificial intelligence knowledgebase of autonomous tasks with real-world examples.

There are two scenarios to use Exosphere that makes robot products successful.

100% Human Operation

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

In cases where a robot is required to interact with patients or retail customers, studies have found that human telepresence is preferred over text-to-speech chatbots.

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

Handling dangerous materials in a disposal facility or a chemical spill.

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

Concierge and medical delivery robots no longer require installation of expensive and high maintenance navigation beacons in customer facilities.

10% Human Assistance

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

Autonomous floor cleaning robots can request remote operator assistance when they get stuck rather than requiring an on-sight employee.

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

Public logistics delivery and security robots will be remotely course corrected when geolocation is lost due to unpredictable environmental changes.

Tele-presence robots in Exosphere

Warehouse and manufacturing robots request assistance from service centers when safety or errors are detected to prevent operational downtime.