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Skill Or Plug-In? (HELP!)


I am attempting to share my Simone ARC project in servo Magazine. I am sure that most of my readers will try the "Teams" version of ARC before purchasing a license. While I was preparing my project file for distribution, I saw that the "Teams" version only allows one "plug-in." The problem is I cannot tell plug-ins from skills. I don't know how many skills nor plug-ins my project is using. Also, if I use 20 scripts does that count as 20 skills? Lastly, my project file is HUGE. Is there any way to shrink it down?


Thomas Messerschmidt

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They should be using the runtime edition. That way, your project will load for them with any number of plug-in skills as written in the product description.

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Here is a support document about the editions:

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You can view the size of each robot skill to narrow down the configuration size. This support document explains how: Do note that there is a known bug/issue with the configuration size display so that you may run into an error. However, our team is aware of this, and a fix will be released in a future update. It has not been a priority because users have not raised the issue.

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You only need to save the link to the project app. Save it to the cloud and share the link. Make the app public. So the size doesn’t really matter.


The Runtime edition will not work for my readers. Each reader will have different servos that need to be fine tuned. I need the readers to be able to adjust the minimums, centers and maximums for all of the servos, change the text in the Speech Synthesis skill, configure the Speech Settings skill, and SAVE all of these changes.

  1. Again, how do I tell plug-ins from skills?
  2. How do I get a count of how many skills and a separate count of the plug-ins that my project is using?
  3. If I use 20 scripts does that count towards the maximum of 20 skills?



The runtime edition supports fine-tuning servos with servo profiles. Here is the servo profile menu:

Suppose you want users to edit the program and make changes. In that case, they'd need to be a subscriber because they become programmers by modifying the program unless the project is less than the requirements for subscription for the free Teams version. However, if you want people to use your program, the runtime edition works; as answered above, they can fine-tune their profiles.

  1. You can tell the difference between a plug-in robot skill and a built-in robot skill by pressing the ? (question mark) on each robot skill. If it prompts that it is a 3rd party, then it is a plug-in robot skill.

  2. See answer #1

3) 20 script robot skills are 20 robot skills. A robot skill is a window within ARC that performs behaviors. Here is information on what a robot skill is: