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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How To Use "Prosody Contour" In Speech Synthesis

You have exposed most of the prosody features (pitch, emphasis, rate, volume, break, phonemes)  and I am thrilled that they all work perfectly! Thank you. I enjoy using them to vary my robot's voice. Still, there is one feature that is only partially exposed and that is "prosody contour. " When I attempt to use prosody contour, the voice is lowered in pitch, but none of the parameters work. I have tried every possible way to get this working, but my parameter changes are ignored. Would you please implement this? 

Reference for SSML - Contour


Saywait("_angle bracket_ prosody contour='(0%,+20Hz) (10%,+30%) (40%,+10Hz)'_angle bracket_ good morning _angle bracket_ /prosody _angle bracket_ ")

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Unfortunately,that’s not up to Synthiam arc. The commands you pass are sent directly to the speech engine. There is no parsing done by arc. If it doesn’t work, it’s not supported by the underlying speech engine.

this is being changed to a question and not a feature request.