Topsie the Easy to Build Robot Dog



Topsie is the dog robot (quadruped) that anyone can build. Building it takes no special skills. No 3D printing needed either. No soldering. Just a few hand tools actually. I put it together in about a week. I named it Topsie as a nod to Boston Dynamics Spot. ("Tops" is "Spot" spelled backwards.) Using an EZ-B with Synthiam, I was able to code a walking gate in a couple of hours. It cost me about $300 for the motors (60kg/cm "robot" servos from Amazon) and another $200 for the extruded aluminum. If you were to use PVC pipes instead of aluminum, you would bring the price down to about $300 for the robot.

Now anyone can build and have his own dog robot!

I will be publishing the build process to YouTube in a few weeks.

Here is an early photo of Topsie on her stand. Kind of looks like a walking table! l still may print some covers for the legs and torso. Better photos are coming.

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That’s really wild. What a creative idea! I’m looking forward to seeing videos


Videos will follow as soon as I can stop it from falling over! xD

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Looking good, video coming?

Here is my dog:


I'm looking forward to seeing this come alive! Very cool.


Wow!  Nice work.  It reminds me of the walking table from the movie Beetle juice.

looking forward to your video once get it walking.



Cool, love it. Is that 12 servos in total (3 per leg)?

Looking forward to the video.