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Please stop forcing me to update ARC. Updating on your schedule upsets everything I am doing. I give robotics lectures, sometimes several times a month. Before a lecture, I have no time to download and update and God forbid, fix my ARC code that breaks because of your updates. Yes, it has happened to me before.  You and your team give lectures and demonstrations. You should understand my position. Can you imagine, walking into a room ready to do a demonstration let's say for a TV show and ARC required YOU to download and install an update while a whole audience is ready for your talk? And then imagine that a feature has been changed, updated, or even removed so that your intended demonstration no longer will work. BUT, I guess this wouldn't happen to your team. I am sure you have a back door that would stop forced updates. I want that option.

Also, I am now writing a series of 12 articles for servo Magazine on how to build my life-size humanoid robot . The first issue with my article will be going out next week. This constant update requirement is totally going to mess me up. Keep in mind, I am RECOMMENDING YOUR SOFTWARE for my readers.

As programmers, you all know that stability in a product is important to customer satisfaction. I'm the customer, even better, I'm an advocate for ARC/Synthiam.

Even if it would cost me more, it would certainly be worth it to update on my schedule and not yours.

Thanks for listening to me rant. :)

Thomas Messerschmidt 213-810-2589


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#1   — Edited

Thomas, I understand updates can occasionally be surprising- however, simply press the option to postpone the update. There’s a drop-down option.

However, there are times when an update is forced because otherwise, the software won’t work without the update. If a third party changes their API, it may break ARC and require a forced update. If you had no updated to the latest version, the ARC software would not have worked.

Keep in mind the forced update was 11 days ago - and 35 days prior to the update, ARC displayed a message in large red letters stating a countdown for the forced update. There were 35 days of red-letter warning with a countdown of the forced update.

Again, apologies for any inconvenience but the software would not have worked if you did not update. One recommendation is to load the software prior to the lecture or presentation. I give a lot of talks and presentations, and it’s common to test my computer prior to the presentation to ensure everything is working.


Yes, I ignored the warnings. And, yes, your warnings are better than the ones Microsoft offers before they upgrade me, but I still would like the option to reject all updates indefinitely, taking the risk that a third party skill like Bing would change and crash ARC. The problem of loading the updates before a lecture is that I would need to give my self plenty of time. Your updates can take some time to complete and sometimes crash my code. I remember one particular update a few years back that I did before a lecture and demo. It required that I fix most of everything. Some features had huge changes. It took me more than three hours to get everything working again. That is what I am looking to avoid.