Meet Melvis: My Ultra Humanoid Robot



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Melvis (Sometimes called "Stu") used to use several boards, but now I am just using the EZB for EVERYTHING!

The robot's face is make from a hacked Elvis Alive robot that I had purchased some years ago. His arms are based on the 3D printed InMoov robot. He doesn't have a way to move around yet, but I plan on putting him on a Segway.

I do have a plan to make a robot clone of myself at sometime. I will use the same robot base, but with my face over it. I've seen these done before and as creepy as they are, they are GREAT!

Tip of the hat to DJ for making robotics easy!

Thomas Messerschmidt

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he looks a little like great start.


thomasfromla holy flower bro now thats some amazing robotics engineering.