Option To Reject Or Postpone Updates

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I am now using ARC for the control of a system that will eventually be sold. More specifically, I am building a robot that will ship with an EZ-B and ARC. On Sunday, Dec. 6, I lost 20 minutes and all of my customized AIML files due to an update. These unscheduled, uncancellable updates will make my robots quite unstable, and ruin my lectures.

My request is a feature that allows one, especially a PRO user, to reject or postpone updates--especially to reject them. Once my code is frozen, I would never want an update for my robots.

Thank you for considering my request.



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Hi - i understand that would be frustrating. As this feature already exists, the ARC software allows you to skip or postpone updates when it detects a new version. There is a down to postpone checking for new updates. Additionally, editing the default AIMLBot files that are installed will be overwritten when the skill is updated.

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I made a video for you just now on how to make a copy of the original and store them in a different folder so they can be personalized. The AIMLBot manual mentioned that, but it wasn't very clear. I'll add a bit of info into the config window as well for future reference.

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I should also add that mandatory updates now warn you every day for a few weeks before the forced update point. The next mandatory forced update will be March 2021, every 4 months. These are scheduled rollouts to update the backend, cloud infrastructure and major changes that benefit new features for your robot programming experience.


Thank you DJ. That should work for now.

Still, if I am to bundle ARC with an EZB (or some other board) and sell it as value added product, I would at some point need to freeze the code forever. I suppose most of your customers only use ARC for hobby or educational purposes. I plan on going beyond that at some point. Also, my new open source fembot (OpenFembot) will have published open source software. If ARC upgrades every 4 months, you are going to make my job really hard!

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We have a number of enterprise customers doing just that. Check out the Product ARC page to review the enterprise offerings. When you're ready, let us know :)