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OTHER: Using ARC Without Internet Access?

If I am out demonstrating my robot and there is bad internet service or even no internet service, how would I run ARC? Does ARC REQUIRE internet service?

I understand that Synthiam needs to make a dollar or two, but really, can't you figure out a better way to ensure that everyone is paid up?

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If you aren't planning on changing the project, just demoing it in action, download the ARC Runtime version from the products page.  It can load any ARC project and run it, you just can't make changes.

I do agree though, there should be some kind of expiring license file that at least lasts a few days from the last connection for this kind of situation.  We have one application at work that downloads a 1kb encrypted file once every 30 days.  The data of the file identifies the license holder and the expiry date.  If we can't connect to the authentication server when it expires, we can't use the software, but we can go a month without access and still use it.


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The local license cache is available for 14 days and can be manually or automatically updated with internet connectivity. Read more in the manual here:

This page can also be viewed by pressing the "what is a subscription plan?" button on the popup in your screenshot.

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With good planning, 14 day cache should be enough for most users.



Thanks for answering the question. I suppose I can make 14 days work for me.