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This ARC Build Has Expired Error


Today for the first time ever I got an "This ARC build has expired" error and ARC will not launch. I don't want to upgrade. Why is ARC expiring? Why am I not able to launch ARC?

Please understand that I give lectures and demos several times every month that include ARC and this kind of issue would really cause a problem. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to suppress this error in the future?

Thomas Messerschmidt

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ARC has expired and requires an update. It's because of dependencies of third party cloud services and various other updates. It's good for you to update occasionally


Thanks DJ. I have no problem with updating occasionally, but if I am lecturing and giving a demonstration, this would severely impact my lecture. Would that be a feature request: ability to suppress/delay updating?

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I'm not trying to be a smart a** or trying to tell you how to do your job but shouldn't you check to see if your equipment is working properly before you start to demonstrate or teach?;) No offence intended, just saying. Maybe you do.

From what little I know of this subject it looks like suppress/delay updating would not help. It looks more like an auto update or following the automatic announcement that there is an update would be more helpful.

It looked to me like because of a Windows update, windows or something in it changed and stopped ARC from loading. I could be wrong and ARC saw a change in Windows and knew it wouldn't work properly so it stopped? This seemed to kinda sneak up on us and DJ.


It happened again. I am using ARC for my business now. I was supposed to show someone how to use AIMBOT and so during our meeting, I launched ARC only to find out that it required me to wait over 20 minutes for an update. I then found out it had replaced my AIML files.

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Hi there, I responded to one of your other threads here:

Regarding the AIML files, here's some info in case you miss it on the other responses: *Note: make a copy of the AIML files if you will be making modifications to them. The files may be overwritten during robot skill updates. Here's a video explaining how to make a copy of the default files into a new folder so you can edit them.