Aimlbot With AIML 2.X

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Any chance of an AIML 2.x skill? AIML 1.x is not officially supported anymore by AIML 2.x is a much richer language.



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I don't believe it will happen unfortunately.

It is interesting as I read in other threads lamenting about the lack of killer apps for robotics outside of the Rhoomba that so little emphasis is placed on the AI portion of robotics and how they interact with humans.

If this is to be implemented it will most likely take one of us users to write a plugin for it. Maybe if they move to a pay store for features it may appear. I would pay for it.  Since I don't write plugins I am relegated to requesting and waiting.

MyRobotLab has a really good AIML 2.0 implementation but the rest of the software is so unstable it is just a pain to deal with. ProgramAB can operate in a stand alone fashion and is an easy download. I just don't know how to access it through EZRobot.

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This will happen, Perry - there's a lot of stuff going on. You'll have to be patient a little longer while I figure out how to save this company so you can have software to use :)


I am patiently waiting DJ. I know you have a lot on your plate. You know we are routing for you.

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Thanks perry - that means a lot. Once we figure out some Synthiam stuff, it’ll give is the stability to dive full time into new developing features. Imagine how awesome that’s gonna be :)


Here you go @thomasfromla:


PandoraBots AIML2 has been added here: