Annadroid: A Humanoid Robot


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My current EZ-Robot project is called "AnnaDroid".

(on my web site:

Anna will be a life-size humanoid / android (not the phone OS silly!) kind of 'bot.

She is being made from a face casting of my friend Annika Skywalker, and a modified Wowwee Alive Elvis Presley robot, and a plastic mannequin body.

I am using the ARC for her software.

Working: eyes blink "alive" random movements touch sensors jaw in sync with text-to-speech (used the analog in to read the voltage of the sound coming from the computer's headphone jack and then triggered a servo.) A large number of speech recognition Qs & As. face tracking and following with head and eyes. head nod head turn ALICE chatbot software. It's SOOO cool having Annidroid being able to answer ANY question!

Partially Working: Kinect person count Kinect x,y,z location of a person's head. Kinect voice location

Not yet Working: arms/hands/locomotion

Planned: hand grasping shoulder and elbow control embedding a camera in the Elvis' eye (right now the camera is on a hat!)

There are a few pictures here, but fully documentation and photos (lots and lots of them) are on my web site.


Click to see the Annidroid Project on my web site.

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You can see by the prior picture that we have a long way to go with casting a mask!



What? No pitch for your Website?



Thomas, this is coming along nicely!




That's very cool Thomas... now i know what you've been working on! :D


hi THOMAS your project looks good,doing the same with mine too found a great place to get eyes,silicone and a lot more i am adding to camera's one in each eye,but the proble using camera's in eyes,cant see the membranes like in the 3 photo you have up,but not worried about that,i order some small clear lens from edmund optics for $30 each,and in the skin adding to show emotions ,and capacitance touch sensors for real feel

i also bought wowwee elvis head,i dont know if using this one ,or the better one off ebay ,cheaper then ELVIS head and super easy to modify

here is the link

android robotic head

User-inserted image


Thanks DJ. I am currently working on 3 different androids: Annidroid, Melvis, and Robot Betty9. A lot of the details are on my web site. I am very happy with my EZ-B. I am helping my daughter (age 6) to build her own converted toy robot. I will post photos when I have a minute. I"m doing a video blog on it. Just need more time to clean up and upload the videos. Work keeps getting in the way. LOL!

Thanks Fred. What camera are you using inside the robot's eyes? I bought a endoscope camera and it fit inside the eyes, but it was high magnification and so, I am again looking for another camera for inside the eyes. Also had a problem with ELvis's eyelashes. they stopped face detection!

PS. the photo you see as my avatar, is actually Melvis. I've taken your suggestion Fred and added servo controls to all of Elvis's motors/trim pots. Works REAL nicely with EZ-B.

Got the neck tilt on Annidroid working. I finally gave up on getting the worm gears and encoders to work right, and strapped in a gigantic scale servo: HT 805MG.

With Servos and DJ's EZ-B, I've made more progress on my robots in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years. OF course it helps that I am now working close to the house instead of driving 2 hours or so each way to work.


go to ,they are analog output types ,but just need a video adapter .75 by .75 camera fits great in a 1" eye

cheap servos can turn any motor in to homebrew servo,with just using the pcb and if need more power add a second h-bridge or higher current h-bridge FUTUBA S3003 is the best one so far many there is a circuit for it and super easy to modify it glad THOMAS that servo idea work for you,i remember i told you a long time ago it was the best way to goo project getting good


I tell you what would be easier Thomas. I saw some foam heads over at Hobby Lobby. They looked almost like this woman. Just pour rubber over them. They were $10. You don't have to worry about breathing, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and incovenience to the model. The foam head can hold it's breath indefinately.

Mel ;)


That is awesome...... I can't wait to see her in action.


Ummmm... I am not sure, I have not seen a pic of you. I am from the Bay Area. I have visited LA. I have a friend that used to live down there.


OK. Perhaps not. But I did live in the bay area for 15 years.

Picture of me on you tube:


AMAZING!!! I love your robot!! or Humanoid.. I DONT KNOW haha! 3D printer? Amazing!! congratulations! mmm... Maybe in one year I will live in live there, dont you? jaja would be very exciting to know your android in person....

Good luck! I think that all of this comunity want to watch a video..



I don't think we have met. What part of the Bay did you live in? I have been in California for 25 years. Originally from Maryland.

If you find yourself in the Bay Area you should definitely let me know. If I find myself in your neck of the woods I will hit you up. I'd love to see Melvis in person.

Is that your daughter in the video?



I just got a few Elvis robots to work with. I am building an android woman first, might build Elvis next. Hope to see more pics and you add a face to your android.


Sfoy: San jose, Los gatos, Pleasanton, Saratoga, Cupertino, half moon bay, Pleasanton, Santa Cruz--um, might have left out one or two.

Mcs: good luck on Elvis! Lots of fun! If you take the boards out of 8 hitec 311 servos, it's real easy to use with EZ-B.

I have the procedure for converting the Elvis servos to standard servos on my web site:



thomas is that my hack i gave you on converting elvis servo's to standard servo's what i did i bought 50 ,you get a better price,and never know when a servo board comes in handy to make servo HACK


Yes, that is your hack. I just documented it. I will give you credit on the web page. Do you have a site I can link to?


not yet,will work on one once i get back from my vacation trip


How did you get a chatbot and EZ B to work together? I would like to do that too. Did Annadroid ever get some skin?