Add A Snap To Grid To The Workspaces Score 768

I see that you talked about a snap to grid for the workspaces back in April so I would like to make it a formal feature request.

I usually use quite a few skills (60+) for my Simone fembot project (Servo Magazine).  As I usually share my work with my readers, I try to tidy up the size and position of each of the skill sub-windows. Without a snap to grid, it takes a lot of time and patience--and often the screen still looks messy. Would you please add an OPTIONAL snap to grid for the workspaces that allows alignment and resizing to a grid? It would be very nice if you could make the grid distance variable. And perhaps the size of the skill sub-windows could have 3 standard sizes.


Thomas Messerschmidt

PS. When you get big enough, you will need to HIRE me to set up and run your QA/QE department. I have done that for several companies. :)

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I believe that is on the list because it had been mentioned a few times. In the meantime, please use the Smart Arrange option as seen in this screenshot.

User-inserted image