Support For The Oak-D Smart Camera By Luxonis

I am requesting a skill that would support the Oak-D (OpenCV AI Kit) by Luxonis.

Having this interface would allow my robot to identify and locate an object such as a bottle, in 3D space, so that the robot could pick it up.

Oak-d Information Oak-d More Information

From their website:


"DepthAI is a platform built to allow the power of Spatial AI to be embedded into products. The DepthAI hardware, firmware, and software suite combine depth perception, object detection (neural inference), and object tracking and gives you this power in a simple, easy-to-use Python API."


The capability of SpatialAI is to apply AI in this real world by not only identifying the object but also understanding where it is in 3D space in real time.

The Oak-D devices has embedded spatial AI plus accelerated computer vision functions. This single device has onboard: object tracing, motion estimation,  YOLO, faces and expressions, age estimation, pose, vehicle recognition, plate detection, pedestrian detection, OCR, object tracking in 3D space, semantic segmentation (assigning a label to every pixel in the image) and more. It also includes an IMU.


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A robot skill isn't actually a feature - it's something made by a third party, or engaged our services to make. That looks like a self-contained product without any documentation or information about it. I clicked on the link and their support documents go to 404 error pages so I can't even begin where to suggest to start. Your best bet would be to reach out to the manufacturer and have them speak with us about a possible integration review:


Ok. I will take a look and see if I can get ahold of someone.