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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

What Is The Difference Between "Pauselistening" And "Stoplistening"

I have been using these two commands together, one following the other in my scripts. So far it has worked, but I really don't know the right way to use them.  


controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StopListening")


controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "PauseListening") 
 What is the difference in the two? Do I actually need to use both together each time to turn bing speech recog on and off? Where would one use one over the other? Is there a "best practices" for turning bing speech recog on and off while running a robot with aimlbot?

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#1   — Edited
For additional details of the ControlCommand() syntax, look at the bing manual page under the ControlCommand() section. Click here and scroll down to the section where it shows each control command: https://synthiam.com/Support/Skills/Audio/Bing-Speech-Recognition?id=16209

However, the summary is...

- PauseListening pushes the pause checkbox. Pause checkbox is only visible when VAD is enabled

- stopListening pushes the stop button. The stop button is only visible when it is recording.

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*Note: I edited your question and selected the correct robot skill related to the question. The original robot skill you had selected was "Bing Text To Speech" and this is "Bing Speech Recognition". I also edited the text of your post to fix the examples, as both examples used "PauseListening", where you meant to have one as "StopListening".