Add New AIML Categories with Your Voice


Do you want to add new content to your AIMLBot all automatically by voice? Adding new AIML categories can be a bit of a bother. There is so much overhead coding. In this tutorial I will show you how to add AIML code using a script that I wrote. In fact, this will add multiple categories and allow you to use them right away thanks to a change DJ made a few days ago!

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EZ-B v4
Add Skills

Add AimlBot because this is what you are enhancing, Add Bing Speech Recognition so that you can talk to your robot, and one script skill where most of the code will go.


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Super le code . Merci beaucoup .
#2   — Edited
nice program will try it out

Hi Thomas.  If you have time could you make a video of each step to make this work. I am having a hard time following your steps to crate AIML using my voice. 
Do I need other plug-in to make this work.

Thank you in advance.
this is excellent, just what i was looking for:D
Yes that is what I am using... i am using that and part of your code to listen...

# Wait for user voice input and store input
controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "StartListening")
controlCommand("Bing Speech Recognition", "UnpauseListening")


this all works

then I do this...
if ($BingSpeech = "how are you")
# do something

even though the $BingSpeech printed "how are you" from my voice, the If statement does not fire am I missing something?