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Hard Drive Access?

Is there any way to read or write to a hard drive within the ARC?

I wrote a MS Kinect software application that writes Kinect date to text files and updates them in real time. (I call it the "painless data exchange protocol.")

It would be really great if I could get Kinect data into ARC.

If not directly, does EZ builder have the ability to run


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I think i figured it out :

Dim textStuff As string

textStuff = My.Computer.FileSystem.ReadAllText("C:\Users\Thomas\Desktop\stuff.txt")



Are you using the VB Scripting control? That'll be your best friend for custom scripting :)


Yup, I am using the VB scripting control.

Now that I have the data in a VB scripting control, how do I pass the info on to an EZ Script window? Is there an equivalent to the "ControlCommand( windowName, windowControlCommand )" that I can run from the VB scripting control? Are there global variables that can be access from the EZ script controls?