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Meet Robot Betty9! My sassy 6' tall fembot. She has two servos in each arm, two in her neck, blue LEDs in her eyes, two Arduinos, one EZ-B, and an Echo Dot for her AI.

About two years ago, I got sick of hauling her around on carts and dollies and started to build/buy/improvise a locomotion device. The Segway is my fifth such attempt. First came scratch-built motorized roller skates. Then I hacked a kid’s toy called a Dareway that I renamed the chariot. It worked pretty good, but still was not what I wanted. Next I bought two pairs of Rocket Skates (motorized roller skates). I am still working on hacking those. Then a hoverboard I hacked, that nearly killed me when it started going full speed, flipped over and finally burned out.

Finally, just two weeks back I bought the newest and cheapest Segway, the Segway MiniLite for $300. I can guide Betty around anywhere. The next step is controlling the turning and having the robot move her arms around to go backwards and forwards on her own.

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Wow! That's awesome Thomas! Super smart to utilize the Segway. I cannot WAIT to see Rocket Skates!


Can you control that segway with iphone or tablet?