Robot Skill Store

The Synthiam Skill Store is the perfect place to find new robot skills for your ARC software. With industry experts creating these skills, you can easily make a robot that performs all sorts of tasks.

You may also create a robot skill or learn how to add them to a robot.

Camera NMS Pose v8

Camera NMS Pose
By Synthiam Inc.
Use an overhead camera to track the pose location of a robot for localized navigation.


By Synthiam
SLAM for the ARC NMS

Floor Map

Floor Map
By Synthiam
This skill is used with a movement panel. When the movement panel is used (i.e. your robot is moving forward, left, right, etc) then the floor map skill will...

Hitachi-LG LDS Lidar v19

Hitachi-LG LDS Lidar
By Hitachi
NMS Driver for the Hitachi-LG LDS 360 degree lidar.

Indoor Positioning System v16

Indoor Positioning System
By Synthiam
The indoor positioning system is a combination of IR transmitter and IR dual camera receiver. The IR transmitter is mounted on your robot, and the IR dual...

Intel Realsense D435i v19

Intel Realsense D435i
By Intel
Connect the D435i Intel Realsense depth cameras to the ARC navigation messaging system (NMS) for distance detection and mapping.

Intel Realsense T265 v26

Intel Realsense T265
By Intel
Use the Intel Realsense T265 tracking camera for way-point robot navigation

Joystick (Direct Input)

Joystick (Direct Input)
By Synthiam
A joystick can be connected and used with ARC to control movement, servo positions, and assign scripts to buttons. For XInput joysticks (such as Xbox), use the...

Joystick (Xinput) v9

Joystick (Xinput)
By Synthiam
Joystick control for XInput devices (xbox controllers, etc).

Key Control

Key Control
By Synthiam
Use this control to assign EZ-Script to keyboard shortcuts. Any key can be be assigned an EZ-Script command. By default, the arrow keys control any movement...

Kinect Xbox 360 Depth Mapping v3

Kinect Xbox 360 Depth Mapping
By Microsoft
Use the microsoft xbox 360 connect to send navigation/obstacle information into the ARC NMS (navigation messaging system)

Movement Joystick v5

Movement Joystick
By Synthiam
A joystick that controls any movement panel