Robot Skill Store

The Synthiam Skill Store is the perfect place to find new robot skills for your ARC software. With industry experts creating these skills, you can easily make a robot that performs all sorts of tasks.

You may also create a robot skill or learn how to add them to a robot.

Aimlbot v22

By Synthiam
AimlBot is a localized chatbot client that uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language).

Bot Libre v8

Bot Libre
By Bot Libre
Powerful AIML2 chatbot client for ARC using the Bot Libre opensource cloud service

Cognitive Sentiment

Cognitive Sentiment
By Microsoft
Detect the percentage of the positive sentiment of the provided phrase using cognitive machine learning services. The detected sentiment percentage will be...

Dialogflow v23

By Google
Use Google's DialogFlow to create an artificially intelligent NLP chatbot for your robot.

EZ-AI_Client_EZB v14

By CochranRobotics
Cochran Robotics EZ-AI ARC plugin for connecting to the EZ-AI Framework

Openai Chatbot v14

Openai Chatbot
By OpenAI
Chatbot based on OpenAI GPT-3 gives your robot a human-like personality for conversation.

Openai Chatgpt v8

Openai Chatgpt
By OpenAI
Chat GPT is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses for your robot

Pandorabot AIML2 v2

Pandorabot AIML2
By Synthiam
Connect to the PandoraBot AIML2 service using your Pandora developer account


By PandoraBots
This skill will send the text you enter to the Pandorabots online server via ControlCommand(). The Pandorabots online server will respond to you with a message...

Personality Forge v3

Personality Forge
By Personality Forge
Make your robot a chatbot with personality and engagement. It will allow your robot to remember details and form emotional relationships with people.

Synbot Plugin v13

Synbot Plugin
By Jlucben
Plugin intefacing with the SynBot Bot Solution - Chatbot Framework which is installed on the same computer as EZ Builder. Bot Programming Language(SIML) can be...

Translate v2

By Jlucben
Text translation using Microsoft Azure Cognitive service Text_Translate